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  1. Life and Sayings of our Holy Fathers Karion and Zachariah of Scetis
    Friday, Mar 24th 3:16 pm
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  2. Saint Zachariah the Faster of the Kiev Caves
    Friday, Mar 24th 2:23 pm
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  3. The Sweetness of Grace
    Friday, Mar 24th 12:23 pm
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  4. Questions about Orthodoxy in Poland
    Friday, Mar 24th 9:51 am
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  5. You guys seemed to like the card I made a while ago, so I thought I might share this with you as well!
    Friday, Mar 24th 8:31 am
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  6. Let's talk about Orthodox evangelism!
    Friday, Mar 24th 8:29 am
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  7. Holy Hieromartyr Artemon, Presbyter of Laodicea in Syria
    Friday, Mar 24th 12:08 pm
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  8. “Swing Away” A Film about a Greek Golfer Who Goes back to Her Roots March 29, Portland, OR 2017
    Friday, Mar 24th 11:42 am
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  9. CrossRoad Videographer/Video Editor
    Thursday, Mar 23rd 7:00 pm
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  10. Saint Artemon, Bishop of Seleucia in Pisidia
    Friday, Mar 24th 10:55 am
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  11. The Feast of the Annunciation (2017)
    Friday, Mar 24th 10:54 am
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  12. Russian artists create unique icons for Belgrade cathedral
    Friday, Mar 24th 9:31 am
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  13. Russian Church does not participate in or specifically bless Orthodox political movement
    Friday, Mar 24th 8:39 am
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  14. A Forgiveness Sermon on Forgiveness Sunday
    Friday, Mar 24th 8:34 am
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  15. Good Works
    Friday, Mar 24th 2:00 am
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  16. Representatives of Moscow Patriarchate to be invited to 400th anniversary of Old Believer leader Avvakum
    Friday, Mar 24th 7:27 am
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  17. Infallibility
    Friday, Mar 24th 5:31 am
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  18. Activities of Russian Jehovah’s Witnesses suspended due to extremism
    Friday, Mar 24th 5:19 am
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  19. Love silence
    Friday, Mar 24th 5:00 am
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  20. Trials and Crucifixion. Part 2a
    Friday, Mar 24th 3:18 am
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