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  1. The Bible provides valuable ethnographic information
    Friday, Oct 31st 7:18 am
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  2. 10.25-26.14. Memorial Services and Sermons at the Graveside of Brother Jose Munoz-Cortes
    Friday, Oct 31st 4:13 am
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  3. Honey, what shall we do with our kids on Halloween?
    Friday, Oct 31st 2:03 am
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  4. Cleopas, Apostle of the 70
    Friday, Oct 31st 2:19 am
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  5. Sunset from the Northeast Corner
    Friday, Oct 31st 1:11 am
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  6. Guarding the Imagination by St Nicodemos of the Holy Mountain
    Friday, Oct 31st 12:47 am
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  7. Chick of the Week
    Friday, Oct 31st 1:32 am
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  8. October 31, 2014
    Friday, Oct 31st 1:01 am
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  9. New Martyr Nicholas of Chios
    Thursday, Oct 30th 8:58 pm
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  10. Revelation 1:5f
    Friday, Oct 31st 12:01 am
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  11. Serving the Poor Helps YOU, not the Poor
    Thursday, Oct 30th 8:31 pm
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  12. Help Mission Priests Reach New Orthodox Christians Around the World!
    Friday, Sep 5th 12:00 pm
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  13. Is it part of church tradition to bring food from your home, and rather than generously give/share it with your brothers and sisters of Christ, charge them money for it at a church?
    Thursday, Oct 30th 8:54 pm
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  14. Stump the Priest: Communion and Germs
    Thursday, Oct 30th 8:26 pm
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  15. "The Lord has given the Holy Spirit upon the earth, and in whomsoever He dwells, that one feels..."
    Thursday, Oct 30th 10:28 pm
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  16. Modern idolatry
    Thursday, Oct 30th 9:28 pm
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  17. And now… presenting TumblrBook. We fix what isn’t broken, even if our users hate it!
    Thursday, Oct 30th 8:53 pm
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  18. Please keep these people in your prayers:
    Thursday, Oct 30th 6:19 pm
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  19. Stump the Priest: Communion and Germs
    Thursday, Oct 30th 7:13 pm
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  20. You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
    Thursday, Oct 30th 5:42 pm
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